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2018 Archives

Aug 30, 2018
Simulated on-road testing shows the new Cummins Westport engine maintains near-zero emissions during all duty cycles
Aug 15, 2018
PXiSE Technology Integrates Renewable Energy on Electric Grid, Provides High-Speed Power Control for Utilities, Microgrids and Advanced SCADA Systems
Aug 14, 2018
Food Express, Inc. takes delivery of the first set of 46 new trucks for use on delivery routes
Aug 9, 2018
Visitors who post a photo with the giant shovel on Facebook, using #bigshovel, on Aug. 11 will earn the chance to win $811
Aug 8, 2018
Carlos Ruiz Sacristán Elected Chairman and CEO to Oversee Mexican and U.S. Infrastructure Operations
Aug 8, 2018
Under terms of agreement, SoCalGas will deliver on its commitment to fully mitigate the methane emissions from the leak at the Aliso Canyon facility
Aug 6, 2018
- Development Advancing for LNG Export Projects
Aug 2, 2018
Replacing 16 percent of natural gas with renewable gas could achieve similar GHG reductions as electrifying 100 percent of California's buildings
Aug 1, 2018
Lawrence Livermore National Labs and Stanford School of Engineering's Spormann Laboratory will study new technology with potential to significantly reduce the cost of producing renewable natural gas and reduce carbon dioxide emissions
Jul 31, 2018
New high-tech, natural gas-powered combined heat and power technology cuts 12,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year and conserves over 7,000 gallons of water per day
Jul 30, 2018
LEED Gold Wilshire Grand Center participates in Savings by Design program, designs and builds to save more than 2,100 MWh of energy and 133,000 therms of gas each year
Jul 27, 2018
$100 million investment supports safe and reliable natural gas service for homes and businesses Project is part of a multi-billion-dollar safety enhancement program
Jul 20, 2018
New energy-efficient upgrade will save more than 225,000 therms per year - the equivalent of removing more than 250 cars from California roads.