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Jan 30, 2020
Willoughby serves as Vice President of Supply Management and Support Services at SoCalGas and will be inducted as board chair of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce on January 30
Jan 30, 2020
Over the last five years, RNG use has increased almost 600 percent, helping displace over seven million tons of carbon dioxide
Jan 16, 2020
SoCalGas Employees Have Traveled to The Midnight Mission to Volunteer Every Friday for the Past Six Years; Now Gas Company Employees are Contributing to The Midnight with a $22,753 Grant
Jan 13, 2020
Growing supplies of renewable natural gas key to reducing emissions from trucks and buildings
Jan 9, 2020
$50,000 grants are designed to help cities and counties plan for climate-change risks
Jan 7, 2020
Company Continues Growth in Texas with Focus on Most Attractive Markets in North America
Dec 23, 2019
Train 2 and Train 3 Are Expected to Start Commercial Operations in Q1 and Q3 2020, Respectively
Dec 11, 2019
Chairman and CEO Jeff Martin Says Strong Leadership and Innovation Needed to Drive the Global Energy Transition
Dec 11, 2019
Income qualified individuals and families are eligible to get assistance paying their utility bills
Dec 11, 2019
On Tuesday Riverside County became the 114th local government this year to pass a resolution supporting balanced energy policies that preserve consumer choice and keep energy affordable
Dec 10, 2019
The upgrades, through SoCalGas' Energy Savings Assistance Program, will save an estimated 170,000 therms of natural gas over the lifetime of the upgrades for affordable housing community Mountainside Apartments
Dec 9, 2019
Discovery Cube teams up with SoCalGas to produce the film on renewable natural gas, open for viewing at Southern California Discovery Cube locations
Dec 6, 2019
SoCalGas donated $10,000 and organized employee volunteers to paint, assemble furniture and make donations at the Sunset Heights community center for low-income families
Dec 3, 2019
Utility awards $400,000 in funding to 26 nonprofits for projects related to clean air, energy, or organic waste diversion
Nov 26, 2019
Smart thermostats and other energy efficient devices can help keep costs down
Nov 13, 2019
The two-year project will save over $150,000 annually in natural gas and improve the health, safety and comfort of low-income residents
Nov 11, 2019
Over 30 SoCalGas employee volunteers joined LA Family Housing to make fleece pet blankets and assemble Thanksgiving Dinner kits for families transitioning out of homelessness
Nov 11, 2019
Funding to be used for new technologies to improve learning and literacy skills among students