MEDIA STATEMENT: SDG&E supports Gov. Schwarzenegger's renewable-energy executive order

 Today, Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- joined by representatives of the state legislature, state and federal agencies, energy industry and environmental groups, signed an executive order to streamline the process for approval of renewable-energy projects.  Debra L. Reed, president and chief executive officer of San Diego Gas & Electric, participated in the event and provided the following comments about the governor’s announcement:

        “I’m honored to support the governor’s vision for increasing the amount of renewable energy in the state -- targeting 33 percent by 2020.  Today’s action is an important step in California’s efforts to lead the nation in clean energy policy.

        “California’s renewable energy policies already have made a difference.  In 2003, SDG&E started with approximately 1 percent of our energy from renewable sources.  Now, we have approximately 15 percent under contract for 2010 and, 21 percent, for 2011.

        “However, to reach these renewables we need new transmission infrastructure.  And, to achieve the 33-percent renewables while maintaining electric reliability, California must undertake an infrastructure build-out on an unparalleled scale.
        “The governor’s vision to increase renewable energy focuses on ensuring green sources of energy while keeping costs under control for our customers.  This is important, especially in these difficult economic times.

        “We look forward to working with the state’s policymakers as they convert these principles into a fair set of rules that not only achieve the goal of deploying significant amounts of renewable energy, but also manage overall costs to customers.

        “For SDG&E, additional high-voltage transmission is essential for us to achieve a 33- percent renewable-energy target.  Assuming a positive decision next month from the California Public Utilities Commission for our Sunrise Powerlink transmission line, we can commit to obtaining 33 percent of our energy from renewable sources by 2020.”